Cute DIY project

Hey there! I'm interested in funding a cute craft book based on fairy kei, lolita, and general kawaii fashion from Japan.

The book would be focused primarily on sewing patterns (clothing, crafts) and crocheted items.

Please submit your suggestions of what you'd like to see in this book. Details below.

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This blog is still very much alive!

Hey all,

I know I haven’t updated much since I started this blog, but rest assured I’m still interested in this Cute Diy book. Things were massively stalled over the summer and I’m working on getting other parts of my life together.

Please keep sending me ideas/questions/suggestions! The more the better. :3

fyeah-oldjapaneserock asked: Hello!! Are you Antiquebeast from Livejournal? I happened to find your japanese music sales post and I was really hoping if you still have any SHAZNA or Dir en grey items left for sale? I know the post is a few years old but just thought I'd ask anyways since SHAZNA music is hard to find ^ ^/ please reply if you dont mind. Thank you~

Yeah, that’s me. I only have one Shazna album, Pure Hearts. I plan on keeping it. But, you should really just try yahoo japan auctions and use a shopping service. Shazna stuff goes for really cheap now. I bought the album in very good condition for just $2, rounded up to about $10 with shipping. 

I use:


Aradia grub progress!!! All I have left to do is trim the hair and give her eyes and a mouth. I love her already!


every time
Support Elizabeth creating Crochet andamp; Sewing Patterns

I’ve decided to offer free patterns via Patreon! Woo hoo! Please lend your support!


She’s finally done! Potential cute diy pattern.

Lots of planning

Watching Metal Mania and making a tentative table of contents.

Progress: Crocheted Unicorn

Started working on a unicorn pattern tonight. Will share when completed :)

cherry-chii asked: an idea for you DIY book: reconstructing old clothes. like how to make a plain thing into something useable in subcultures? >w<

Good idea! I’ll add it to my list and start researching.

Denim skirt and jacket